Solar Panels Power Portland, Oregon Energy Savings

May 18, 2011

From schools to parking meters, Portland boasts an array of solar strategies to help fuel the city

Rooftop solar arrays help power Portland Public Schools

"This is a photovoltaic system," said Dave Tooze, an energy specialist with the City of Portland. Translation? Solar into electricity. There is a lot of it here in Portland, Oregon; from buildings to schools. Even the parking meters are powered by the sun.

"It makes our community more livable," Tooze said. "It saves the taxpayers money, and it passes on to the next generation a clean form of generating electricity."

Portland’s success with solar panels encouraged local school districts to get on board too. Portland Public Schools worked with Gerding Edlen to install solar arrays across nine schools. Over 20 years, savings are expected to hit $1 million.

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