Brainstorming the Greenest of Buildings

Apr 16, 2009

NYT takes an inside look at the planning process for Portland’s Sustainable Center of Excellence

The New York Times' Libby Tucker reports on a gathering of green minds for Portland's Sustainable Center of Excellence, a state-of-the-art high-rise with hyper-green design.

“Some of Portland’s most celebrated thinkers in green design gathered last week with city and state officials at the Gerding Edlen Development Company offices to dream up features for the city’s proposed Sustainability Center of Excellence—a state-of-the-art high-rise that would function both as an emblem of hyper-green design, and as a locus for green-building research and education in the region.”

“The center would unite the sustainability programs of the states’ universities under one roof, as well as start the city’s first fully-integrated sustainable neighborhood.”

“'Our hope would be that the building would not only anchor a new eco-district,' said Portland Mayor Sam Adams, 'but create a new process for coming together and being innovative.”

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