Brewery Blocks Neighborhood Offers 24-Hour Urban Living

May 19, 2005

The mixed-use development by Gerding Edlen and partners has attracted enthusiastic retailers and residents alike

The Brewery Blocks, Portland, Oregon

Taking on a 5-block project fraught with “…old pipes, long-hidden creeks, downtown’s busiest street and high voltage streetcar line,” writes The Oregonian’s Randy Gragg, the odds seemed stacked against Gerding Edlen. Under the leadership of Mark Edlen and Bob Gerding, the company approached the project with confidence.

“Gerding/Edlen team members say they never doubted the Brewery Blocks would be anything but a success. But their peers still shake their heads in disbelief.”

“‘Hearing the clank of bottles and smelling the yeast, I realized at some point that property would change,’ Gerding recalls. ‘Downtown needed to connect with the Pearl. It was inevitable.’”

Using Whole Foods and Powell’s Books as anchors, the Brewery Blocks created a “main street” environment with “the kind of synergistic energy missing elsewhere in the Pearl.”

Attracting the eager interest of architecture, financial, and focused retailers alike who staked claim in the project early on, the success of the Brewery Blocks can also be measured in The Henry, a 123-unit, sustainable condominium which sold out before completion.

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