Brewery Blocks Revitalized

Feb 02, 2003

Two years after the renovation began, Gerding Edlen reflects on the initial skepticism and the accomplishments thus far

The Brewery Blocks will be revered as one of the most ambitious projects Portland has ever seen, transforming the “industrial enclave into an important gateway between two distinctly different areas: downtown (or the West End) and the Pearl District,” writes Brian Libby, for the Daily Journal of Commerce magazine.

With three of the five blocks complete, Mark Edlen remarked, “‘I think it’s fair to say there were more than a few people out there in the community who were wondering if this could be accomplished. But now I don’t think there are as many doubters any more.’”

An example of partnership and collaboration with union and non-union contractors working on side-by-side blocks at the same time, the buildings making up the Brewery Blocks are also a “model of sustainability, with such features as daylighting, operable windows, and the oft-mentioned chilling plant.” This decision, notes Kelly Saito of Gerding Edlen, will ultimately become a standard that will offer a competitive advantage in the market.

“Along the way, this five-block cluster has given Northwest Portland a makeover that will be remembered long after its creators are gone.”

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