Cyan/PDX: Where Green meets Cyan

Mar 17, 2009

Big ideas and small details create truly sustainable living at Cyan/PDX

Cyan / PDX is rich in sustainable features, including a community garden

“What would green building look like on Easter Island? The question applies to Earth. If people use material resources to define their status, the natural world must provide the monuments to our satisfaction. Portland developer Gerding Edlen takes the long view. From outer space, green building would look blue. That's the idea behind calling their new high-rise apartment, Cyan.”

“There are many considerations that enter the design of sustainable living at Cyan. Over many years, Gerding Edlen developed the working knowledge to put together the project, choose the architects, the contractors, and the consultants. The development firm worked with top architects Thomas Hacker and GBD to realize the weave of idea and reality at Cyan.”

“Gerding Edlen chose building materials with high amounts of recycled content, environmentally benign materials (bamboo cabinetry veneers), and regionally sourced materials. Non-toxic finishes used throughout the building have little or no volatile organic compounds. A waste management plan implemented during construction ensures 50–70% of all construction related materials are recycled rather than landfilled.”

Neighborhood Notes points to Cyan/PDX as an example of efficient and sustainable use of space, noting elements that change our perception of space, water saving capabilities, and appliances that support renewable energy.

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