Green Buildings Attract Residents Worldwide

Oct 17, 2005

The Henry is among several new green condominium projects that are in demand from residents willing to pay a premium for healthy living

The Henry condominiums, Portland, Oregon

The Henry, a 15-story condominium tower located in Portland’s mixed-use Brewery Blocks neighborhood, is one of several new condominium towers in the nation designed to be environmentally sustainable. Sustainability features decrease energy and water needs, and the reduced need for cars in these mixed-use developments helps create self-sufficient urban communities. With the demand for green buildings on the rise, The Henry saw tremendous success, positioning it among some of the greenest residential buildings in the world.

Dahlia Famy of The Financial Times writes regarding the decreasing risk of sustainable development. “In Portland, Oregon, the 123-unit Henry Condominiums was recently completed for $37m, only 1–2 percent more than a traditional building. When developers Gerding Edlen first began the project, they weren’t even sure whether it would make financial sense, says senior project manager Dennis Wilde. It did, he adds, because ‘there’s much more awareness in the industry now so there is a broader availability of materials as well as systems that are more efficient.’”

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