High-profile Projects Bring Art to the Forefront

Mar 08, 2006

Public art at The Civic and The Casey inspire people and increase opportunities to integrate the business and art communities

The B Street Gallery showcases regional and emerging artists in a space shared with The Civic’s showroom

Portland's art scene has been gaining momentum since the ’70s with initiatives designed to give the public access to the arts without buying a ticket. Taking the importance of the arts to heart, Gerding Edlen is incorporating art in key developments such as The Civic along Burnside and The Casey in the Pearl, and creating inviting public spaces for engagement.

"A lot of the thinking about public art is that citizens deserve to have exposure to interesting art without having to buy a ticket," said Eloise Damrosch, executive director of Portland's Regional Arts & Culture Council. "In looking at the construction of new buildings, art is in keeping with good design and in making buildings more attractive to the public."

Melody Finnemore of Northwest Construction quotes Mark Edlen: “‘It's the right thing to do, and I really see the visual arts as a piece of the architecture that makes a building a more interesting place to work, live and visit,’ he added. ‘It’s also an opportunity for us in the business community to integrate with the arts community through our buildings and public spaces and showcase the talent of Northwest artists.’”

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