Local Buzz for Living Buildings

May 05, 2011

Gerding Edlen and West Coast developers look to net zero commercial development

Oregon Sustainability Center

Gerding Edlen—along with developers in Seattle and Vancouver, B.C.—continues to receive attention for their plans for the Oregon Sustainability Center, reflecting a new trend for living buildings across the Pacific Northwest. Tom Banse at OPB news reports, “These mid-rise structures will generate their own power, collect their water from the sky and compost sewage on site…in other words, be pretty much self-sufficient.”

Projects like the Oregon Sustainability Center merge ultra-green building strategies with a people-oriented approach to energy savings.

Developer Dennis Wilde says “the biggest savings in the Portland building will come from letting the temperature inside fluctuate more than usual with the seasons: cooling less in the summer and heating less in the winter”

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