Measuring Success and an Expanding Vision

Dec 03, 2008

Dennis Wilde speaks about Gerding Edlen’s revolutionary green techniques

Gerding Edlen's Brewery Blocks created a thriving 20-minute living and sustainable neighborhood

Dennis Wilde, president of Gerding Edlen Sustainable Solutions, speaks to the company's efforts to turn revolutionary green techniques into standard assets in ED+C Magazine. “When Gerding Edlen Development began to focus on green building 10 years ago, many of our peers thought we were wasting money and time—that sustainable development was a fad with little chance of being profitable.

We had a different view, believing we could create buildings that retain their value, conserve resources, are more hospitable to their residents, and have less impact on the earth.”

“We continue to push for buildings and neighborhoods that not only conserve but also generate resources, and know that collaboration with our peers is the best way for all of us to advance sustainable development.”

“At Gerding Edlen, we now use a measure called the Livable Place Index, which measures a project’s impact on people, profit and planet. Our definition of green building has expanded to include 20-minute living and sustainable neighborhoods that enrich lives by incorporating mass transit, retail and housing, green spaces and public art, innovative energy and water solutions, and even greener lifestyle options.”

“If we look at green building less as a planning and construction technique, and more as a vision for a place that will thrive—economically, socially and environmentally—it will become a community asset far more valuable than its balance sheet. It can enhance city services, spark creation of retail and cultural gathering places, connect people with public transit and shared open space—and do it all with a tiny or even positive footprint at a cost comparable to conventional building.”

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