Smart Design along Portland's South Waterfront and in Downtown L.A.

Jan 03, 2006

Two Gerding Edlen projects look to underused areas to create a new standard of quality urban living

Garden streets, a stormwater bioswale, river greenway, and two-block central park create pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly spaces throughout the South Waterfront Central District.

Western Interiors and Design magazine profiles two Gerding Edlen projects that have transformed underutilized urban land into vibrant communities.

The $2 billion South Waterfront Central District located in Portland, Oregon is the largest urban infill project in the United States. Co-developed by Gerding Edlen Development and Williams & Dame Development, the project is a prime example of the transformation of vacant land and property in urban areas of the western U.S. into sustainable, vibrant communities.

Working as The South Group, Gerding Edlen and Williams & Dame teamed up in Los Angeles to revitalize a downtown core that locals considered “a daytime destination.” “The South Group knew from experience that they could change the empty streets into a desirable address,” developing several mixed-use condominiums to add housing, retail and commercial spaces to the South Park neighborhood.

“A new wave of urban development is challenging the idea that a high quality of life can be had only in low-density rural or suburban environments. Called Smart Growth by some, New Urbanism by others, it offers old-fashioned, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods that promise the complete life experience within walking distance: home, work, entertainment and recreation.”

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