The Casey Offers More Than Just LEED Platinum Design

May 20, 2008

The Casey represents a partnership between developer, designer and artist.

A glass art installation in the lobby of The Casey is visible from the street.

Gerding Edlen’s condominium, The Casey, the first in the nation to receive LEED Platinum certification, is also attracting attention for its integration of art throughout the building. “In addition to the time and effort spent making The Casey represent the cutting edge in sustainability, the developers included another progressive feature in the project: the architecture of the building incorporates public art,” writes Kristin Dispenza at Green Building Elements.

The Casey lobby glass art installation.

“Portland-based Bullseye Glass Company was enlisted to collaborate on a series of art glass installations for the building. Artist Martha Pfanschmidt designed glass panels for the main lobby, which are themed ‘Northern Lights,’ as well as panels for residential elevator lobbies, which are themed ‘The Four Seasons.’ Catharine Newell designed a portrait of Casey Jones for the exterior of the building. And Dustin White, of GBD Architects, designed a glass spire that runs almost the full height of the building. In all, fifty artist-designed glass panels are showcased in the building.”

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