A conversation with Mark Edlen

Jul 14, 2006

Founding Principal Mark Edlen discusses place-making, design, sustainability, partnerships and more

Mark Edlen, CEO, Gerding Edlen

“Gerding Edlen's work can be seen all over the city, from the Pearl District to the Brewery Blocks to the new South Waterfront District. Where the firm will go next, Edlen says, is still a mystery, but one thing is clear – Mark Edlen will make sure whatever project he does next outdoes his last one,” writes Kennedy Smith of the Daily Journal of Commerce.

In response to Smith's question of whether it seems as if Gerding Edlen is waiting for others to catch up, Edlen says, “Not too long ago our competitors probably made jokes about us and our green stuff, and today everybody's getting on board, which is great. We have a responsibility to try to share the knowledge that we gain and that's the great thing about the Office of Sustainable Development and PSU here in Portland.”

“But going forward, we really have a responsibility to try to delve more into ideas that are a little bit more cutting-edge. And I really believe that we have customers where it's a significant part of their decision factor. They embrace the notion of healthy lifestyles, how we eat, how we exercise, and the buildings we live in. I think we're seeing more of that, certainly in the housing side, more people are attuned to that.” 

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