A 'Dynamic' New Way to Promote Sustainability

Jan 11, 2016

The Seattle DJC Discusses Dexter Horton’s LEED Dynamic Plaque Recertification

The Dexter Horton Building recently became the first building in the country recertified using the criteria of the LEED Dynamic Plaque. The building, constructed in 1924, originally received a LEED gold rating in 2009. The Dynamic Plaque recertifies that rating by measuring the real-time performance of energy, water, waste, transportation and human experience.

LEED Dynamic Plaque measurements are accessed two ways: through a “powerful performance software” accessible at the website and in a building’s lobby via a visual display that shows performance scores to building occupants, tenants and visitors.

Renee Loveland, Sustainability Director at Gerding Edlen, said her company wanted to make sure that the Dexter Horton Building’s LEED certification was kept up-to-date and decided to adopt the LEED Dynamic Plaque methodology.

“We knew the LEED certification was coming up for renewal, and the LEED Dynamic Plaque had been issued in pilot form,” she said. “So we were excited about the opportunity to consider that platform and worked closely with USGBC.”

Gerding Edlen sold Dexter Horton last month to Hong Kong-based Great Eagle Holdings.

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