Bob Gerding Recognized as AFO Honored Citizen

Oct 10, 2006

Architecture Foundation of Oregon celebrates the career of Gerding Edlen co-founder Bob Gerding

“The future shape of Portland, says Bob Gerding, biologist-turned-scientific- businessman-turned-real-estate-guy-turned-developer, depends on how well the city – right now – puts plans to be fulfilled in place,” writes Alison Ryan of the Daily Journal of Commerce.

“‘What was crucial to our development as a company and our success was the framework that was created by people and government,’ he says. ‘And then that was carried on, and was encouraged, by other governmental members. We’ve reached a point now where we need to do that again. We need to re-imagine the city for the 21st century, and we need to have government leaders, as well as private leaders, accomplishing that, so that people like me in the future can execute.’”

“What he’s executed so far, from his first project for Pacific Gas Transmission Co. to his latest, the just-opened Portland Armory, is the reason the Gerding/Edlen Development Co. co-founder will be celebrated tonight. He is the Architecture Foundation of Oregon’s 2006 Honored Citizen.”

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