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Feb 23, 2016

Oregon Business hosts a panel discussion about the complexities of affordable housing in Portland

Oregon Business hosted an affordable housing panel to discuss varying perspectives on the current housing crisis in Portland. Gerding Edlen’s Sarah Zahn, along with Portland Housing Bureau, Community Alliance of Tenants, and private development were all represented.

At this time, the PHB estimates that 24,000 extra affordable units are required to satisfy the current demand in the city. “Private developers have a role and a responsibility to develop housing at all different (income) levels,” said Sarah Zahn. In the past, the public sector was the primary force in the development of affordable housing.

Affordable housing developer Ed McNamara cited a waitlist at one of his moderate-income communities that is up to 40 years long. Without housing for those of moderate and low income levels, the business community suffers as well. “It is tough to recruit people if there is not support for people in the middle,” said McNarmara.

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