Mark Edlen Named One of the Fast 50

Feb 19, 2007

Gerding Edlen's energy savings goals set them apart as both responsible and competitive leaders

Mark Edlen, CEO, Gerding Edlen

Fast Company magazine recognized CEO Mark Edlen for his dedication to developing sustainable buildings and his drive to do more. Mark Edlen’s projects peg him as a conservationist, not for their modest size, but for the impact they make. One tower alone saved 70 acres of city land. It’s not just responsible, writes Bill Breen on Fast Company, it's competitive.

“If today's commercial structures don’t achieve radical savings in the energy and water they consume, he says, they’ll soon be at a significant cost disadvantage. That’s why he has set a goal of making all his new designs produce more energy than they consume and consume more waste than they produce within five years. Can he get there? ‘I’m 100% confident that if we don't try,’ he replies, ‘we won’t make it.’”

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