Urban Growth in the Northwest

Apr 28, 2016

The Future of Seattle and Portland with Developer Jill Sherman and Architect Peter Steinbrueck

GRAY magazine features a candid exchange about the issues of urban growth in Seattle and Portland with Jill Sherman of Gerding Edlen and Peter Steinbrueck of Urban Strategies.

“Growing without sprawl is not just an exercise on paper now, its practical implications are becoming reality,” said partner Jill Sherman of the recent challenges in Portland. “Many people are seeing what a dense city truly means.”

“We’re seeing more offshore and out-of-state development––people swooping into this super-heated market to make a quick buck. I see a big difference between local commitment and bottom-line driven developers. That difference manifests in quality of design, no doubt about it,” said Peter Steinbrueck.

Both developer and architect agreed that thoughtful design is needed to responsibly address density and create interesting cities. “Change and diversity are what make a good pedestrian experience,” said Sherman. “Richness and diversity, old and new, large and small. That’s what people want.”


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