Urban Pioneers Buying Condos in Downtown L.A.

May 12, 2006

A new wave of urban homebuyers prepare to settle in downtown L.A.

New development in the South Park neighborhood is revitalizing L.A.'s downtown core.

The current housing market and a desire to drive less are prime motivators for the “urban pioneers” buying condos at Elleven and Luma, the first residential towers of the South Park development to be built in downtown L.A.

High gas prices and an overheated housing market are pushing Angelenos' interests in the estimated 20,000 apartment and condominium units expected to open by 2015, reports Paul Chavez of the CantonRep.com.

Early residents are missing some amenities, but they know they're starting the future of downtown LA. Noting subtle changes in the neighborhood, one of the early Elleven residents says, “'You can take a lot of pride in being involved in something new. I don’t mind the construction and working toward the goal that five or 10 years will bring.'” 

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