Make 20-Minute Living Real

Imagine being able to do all of the necessary and enjoyable things that make life great within 20 minutes of your home. The magic of cities is that they have the potential to provide most things people need for inspired living—open spaces (planned and natural), grocery stores, workplaces, libraries, events, public and private schools—within a concentrated area. Less time spent in transit means more time for family and friends, leisure activities and other meaningful experiences.

Twenty-minute living improves well-being and increases opportunities for unexpected, enriching social interaction and encounters with our surroundings. In the Brewery Blocks, we created 20-minute living with a mix of housing, offices, retail, places to experience art and convenient, alternative transit options.

We strive to make 20-minute living a reality in communities in which we develop. Twenty minutes on foot is ideal, but 20 minutes by transit, bike or even auto is a reasonable goal. For South Waterfront residents, 20-minute living will include offices, housing, restaurants, shops, recreation and opportunities to enjoy nature. Residents, doctors, researchers and businesspeople also have easy access to OHSU’s Center for Health and Healing and its clinics at the main campus, as well as access to central downtown Portland via the streetcar.

The Brewery Blocks
South Waterfront