John Ross

Location: Portland, OR
Type: Condominiums
Certification: LEED Gold
Square Footage: 576,500
Project Completion: 2007
    • 303 urban homes, including 39 podium residences, with 21,400 sq. ft. ground floor retail space and underground parking
    • Quarter block public plaza and ground-floor retail activates street and creates a sense of community
    • LEED Gold standard with estimated energy savings of 32 percent below code
    • Treats storm water in a holistic way that allows it to find its natural way back to the Willamette River, using vegetated swales, green streets, ecoroofs, and planters
    • Robert Thompson and GBD Architects used glass exterior walls to enrich the natural and built environment
    • Developed through a joint partnership between Williams & Dame Development and Gerding Edlen Development Company, LLC