Gerding Edlen Sustainable Solutions Moves Beyond Finishes

Feb 07, 2009

Eco-friendly construction offers deeper opportunities for sustainable living

Gerding Edlen's Brewery Blocks development helped to create a thriving, mixed-use neighborhood in Portland's Pearl District

How do you make an impact outside of your home? From food and farming to IT to design and construction, Raquel Fagan, Chief Editor of, explores to the top eco-industries to be in, including LEED construction.

“Green building has moved beyond bamboo flooring and low-flow shower heads. According to Dennis Wilde, president of Gerding Edlen Sustainable Solutions, the concept of sustainable building has expanded 'to include 20-minute living and sustainable neighborhoods that enrich lives by incorporating mass transit, retail and housing, green spaces and public art, innovative energy and water solutions, and even greener lifestyle options.'”

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