Public-private Partnerships Lead the Way

May 08, 2008

Gerding Edlen’s Tom Cody on sustainable development through public-private partnerships

In the San Diego Source, Gerding Edlen’s Tom Cody writes about how public-private partnerships are leading the way for sustainable development. “Throughout the United States, public-private partnerships -- joint ventures between cities and private companies -- are an increasingly popular way to build complex, sustainable urban developments. They offer city officials flexibility and efficiency in the use of resources, access to private capital, enough oversight to achieve public objectives and significant risk mitigation.”

“With its new downtown civic center and city hall, San Diego has the opportunity to show the world how to do them even better and greener. Its success depends upon both entities, the public and the private, sharing the same commitment to the city and what it could be.“

“Every resident of San Diego is a stakeholder in this project. The buildings will be public. How they are built, maintained and landscaped will affect city residents in everything from their pocketbooks to the air they breathe. And they will represent San Diego to others. As such, it makes sense to involve as wide an array of city officials, households and employees in the process as possible.”

“In projects up and down the West coast, broader public involvement and more in-depth dialogue yields significant rewards in the form of clear design and development direction, and a list of tangible deliverables. Through this collective effort, the public, governing agencies, developers, investors, architects, business owners, educators, students and professionals can collectively advocate for and demonstrate their commitment to smart, sustainable urban planning and architectural design.”

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