2019 Environmental and Community Impact Reports

Apr 28, 2020

Read Gerding Edlen’s 2019 Annual Reports

Gerding Edlen is committed to owning, investing, building and managing high quality assets that positively enhance local communities, neighborhoods and our planet. Our firm has long held the belief that sustainable development and management of our properties is not only good for the environment, but also desirable to our tenants. We further believe that through mindful design and management, we can greatly enhance our properties’ spaces while promoting community engagement and interaction. That is why we are pleased to release our 2019 Environmental and Community Impact Reports.

These reports measure the benefits to People, Planet and Prosperity and use our proprietary Livable Place Index (LPI) to provide quantifiable outcomes to the environment and to local communities both on a portfolio-wide and property-by-property basis. Specifically, the reports measure environmental returns, such as annual energy savings, water savings, carbon emission reductions, and walk, bike and transit scores. We also provide data on neighborhood and community benefits by reporting overall job creation, inclusionary-affordable housing and minority and women-owned businesses that are hired as vendors to service our buildings.

Beyond the measurable data, these reports provide specific examples that illustrate the numerous strategies and partnerships we use to engage tenants and connect with local communities and neighborhoods. Our buildings are not successful without our tenants, and we embrace unique management strategies that engage and empower our tenants to partner with us on several sustainability and community goals. Therefore, we also include in these reports a summation of our ongoing tenant engagement practices.

Gerding Edlen’s deep commitment to these standards is proudly executed today by all of the Firm’s partners and employees, and is best captured in our Principles of Place, which are the core tenets of our real estate investment, management and development values.

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