A New Era for Gerding Edlen

Feb 03, 2017

Co-founder, Mark Edlen steps back from the day-to-day operations

Image: Portland Business Journal

After 20 years, Mark Edlen, Co-founder of Gerding Edlen, has handed the day-to-day operations over to Molly Bordonaro and Kelly Saito, the Portland Business Journal reports.

Mark Edlen and Bob Gerding led the firm as it developed the Wieden + Kennedy headquarters, the Brewery Blocks and countless other defining Portland projects. After Bob died in 2009, Mark soldiered on, launching a series of successful real estate investment funds and expanding to other major markets across the country.

Now, Mark has hit that spot when it’s time to slow down and hand over the reins to someone else. For Mark, who will remain chair of the Gerding Edlen board, that someone else is the team of Kelly Saito and Molly Bordonaro.

“Mark has been really good about putting fourth this transition, starting about five years ago, Bordonaro said, “so we are in such a wise and fortunate position for our business and our investors and everyone involved that it really isn’t going to be much of a change.”

Gerding Edlen will continue along its current path of growth in cities like Boston, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Bordonaro said other markets are on the radar, as are new investment strategies “that are both complements to what we’ve built so far.”

“The one thing I would say is that, everything that we will be doing is not just looking for financial returns,” Bordonaro said. “We’re looking at making neighborhoods and the community and the planet much better through sustainability.”

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