Long Island Looks to Gerding Edlen's 20-Minute Living

Dec 15, 2011

Why 20-minute living and transit oriented development matter.

Gerding Edlen's Brewery Blocks development transformed a once desolate neighborhood into a vibrant neighborhood that meets the needs of urban dwellers.

Gerding Edlen strives to make 20-minute living a reality by developing vibrant places that are connected and accessible. Imagine being able to do all of the necessary and enjoyable things that make life great within 20 minutes of your home – by foot, by bike, by public transit or by car.

"Why is this relevant?" asks Build a Better Burb, a project that takes a critical look at retrofitting Long Island's over 110 downtown districts to make every one of them a vital and vibrant part of their community.

"[P]eople are increasingly conscious of the increasing costs (not just in terms of money but of time, of quality of life) not just of commuting to an office but of simply getting to the supermarket. They’re thinking not just about a home but a home in relation to all the other routine yet essential details of life: can I get a cup of coffee nearby? Can I get to work by public transit? How close is the dog park? The playground?"

"A concept like Gerding Edlen’s 20-minute living...recognize the profound importance of creating and sustaining something increasingly absent from recent urban condos and suburban single family homes alike: community."

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