Encourage Transportation Alternatives

Choice is a cornerstone of our culture, yet many communities offer only limited transit choices. Those who step outside of the comfort zone of their car realize how empowering it is to have transit options. These people are healthier, happier and more engaged in their communities. They’re more likely to have meaningful encounters with other people and their surroundings while walking or using public transportation than they would have riding alone.

Increasing the number of bike racks and helping to improve public transportation services in the Brewery Blocks encouraged commuters to leave their cars at home.

As petroleum becomes more expensive, it’s even more important to create opportunities for people to commute without cars. We can’t ignore the auto, but we can encourage people to use alternate forms of transportation by making it as convenient and easy as possible.

We work closely with policymakers and organizations (government, neighboring and private parties, environmental organizations and others) to promote alternative transportation and smart growth strategies for cities and regions in which we develop. For example, at South Waterfront in Portland, residents can take a brief aerial tram ride to reach Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) and take the streetcar to shopping, restaurants, cultural events or even to work in central downtown.

We've worked hard with public and private entities to offer South Waterfront residents multiple transportation alternatives, including an innovative aerial tram, streetcar, bike paths and Flexcar.

In many of our developments, we provide Flexcar services to residents who need a car only occasionally. We’re also planning a public bike hub at the foot of Portland’s Hawthorne Bridge, a major jogging, walking and biking gateway to the city. In the Brewery Blocks, we helped double the number of transit stops (including the streetcar), in addition to offering Flexcar and we provided shower and locker facilities for bikers and runners. Our L.A. buildings are just a few short blocks from the downtown Metro line. Transportation options in all of these communities make them better places to live.

Encouraging alternative modes of transportation – Flexcar, streetcar and others – in communities in which we build makes them better places to live.