Integrate Schools and Neighborhoods

Schools are the lifeblood of our communities, and education is a lifelong process. We believe in integrating schools (for all ages) and communities in a more effective way, approaching schools the way we approach commercial buildings. There’s an opportunity to make education the center of what we do, instead of relegating it to the periphery.

The student housing we created at Portland State University includes an innovative mix of housing, classroom space and ground floor retail, encouraging collaboration and community involvement.

We facilitate a connection between schools and the greater community to encourage learning and knowledge beyond the classroom. We promote ground-level retail and other active space in educational buildings and exterior public spaces for everyone in the community. Our efforts include innovative student housing at Portland State University that promotes collaboration and learning by integrating classroom and common space into living and learning centers. OHSU’s Center for Health and Healing at South Waterfront, an innovative health and wellness center that offers health-related classes for members, will become a hub of the neighborhood.

Self Enhancement, Inc. (SEI) is a nonprofit organization we support that helps underserved children in Portland realize their potential working with schools, community organizations and families, SEI provides opportunities for success while contributing to the social and economic sustainability of the community.

In addition, we provide financial support, create internships and serve on foundations of educational institutions. By participating in classrooms and acting as mentors, we become more educated about the needs of students, teachers and the community at large. In the true spirit of public/private partnerships that enhance communities, many of our higher education projects are done pro bono or at greatly reduced rates.

PSU Broadway Student Housing
OHSU Center for Health and Healing