Block 2: Brewhouse & Cellar Building

Location: Portland, OR
Type: Mixed-Use
Certification: LEED Gold
Square Footage: 248,000
Property Completion: 2002
    • Located in the Brewery Blocks, a five-block mixed-use urban development project in downtown Portland
    • Salvaged elements with historic significance—including the Brewhouse and Cellar buildings, the smokestack, weathervane, historic railings and copper flue
    • All equipment and tanks associated with the former brewery were salvaged to reduce landfill waste
    • Set along a busy thoroughfare, Burnside Street, and along Portland's operating streetcar line
    • A new common core that includes vertical transportation systems also provides seismic bracing by the adjacent 10-story office building
    • Complex structure reduces redundant building systems and increases the leasable square footage while mitigating the impact of seismically upgrading the historic un-reinforced masonry of the Brewhouse and Cellar Building
    • Operable windows and light shelves throughout are tied into a central building management system reacting to outside air and light, thereby significantly reducing energy usage
    • Utilizes chilled water from the central plant for cooling, eliminating need for onsite chillers and cooling towers
    • To meet historic preservation standards the smokestack had to be seismically upgraded from the inside utilizing steel plate rolled into 20’ tubes that were dropped in from the top and anchored to the unreinforced brick from the inside
    • Parking was provided in a single, 3-level underground parking garage that spanned 2.5 city blocks and the intersecting public streets, resulting in an efficient design that preserves the above-grade development for active uses
    • Created new standard for active streetscapes that included wider sidewalks, curb extensions at intersections, planters and seating areas and light and signage standards to elevate the pedestrian experience and connectivity to the project
    • Received Oregon State Historic Preservation Adaptive Reuse Award in 2000