Pacific University Creighton Hall

Location: Hillsboro, OR
Type: Educational
Certification: LEED Gold
Square Footage: 104,000
Property Completion: 2006
    • 5-story building with classrooms and 104,000 sq. ft. of office space
    • College facility adjacent to Tuality Community Hospital
    • From start to finish, the entire project took less than 15 months
    • The first completed building on the newly formed College of Health Professions Campus, which now attracts hundreds of students, faculty and services to downtown Hillsboro
    • A very aggressive transit-oriented plan connects students to alternative transportation options including light rail
    • In 2010, the 62,000 sq. ft. Virginia Garcia Clinic across from Creighton Hall opened, adding classroom and office space, pharmacy and anatomy labs, and gathering space for students
    • The project features a rainwater harvesting and reuse system that is estimated to reduce potable water use at the building by over 50%