The 20 on Hawthorne

Location: Portland, OR
Type: Apartments
Certification: LEED Gold
Square Footage: 62,000
Property Completion: 2009
    • Created a highly sustainable 24-hour live/work/play community
    • 51 units with one- and two-bedroom apartments and 4,984 sq. ft. retail
    • Maximized square footage by installing an automated ‘puzzle parking’ system, the largest of its type in the country as of completion
    • Natural/recycled materials used for bathroom marmoleum flooring and kitchen/bathroom cabinetry
    • Premium energy efficient lighting throughout
    • Water-saving features include low-flow/ultra low-flow bath and kitchen faucets along with dual flush toilets
    • Ecoroof aids with building insulation and rainwater runoff, also serving as a patio and amenity space to second floor units
    • Ground floor one-bedroom/one-bathroom units have an individual entrance to facilitate work as a live/use space in a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood