Wieden + Kennedy

Location: Portland, OR
Type: Mixed-Use
Square Footage: 252,000
Property Completion: 1999
    • Transformation of an old warehouse into the ad agency's headquarters included extensive interior demolition, renovation and seismic upgrades, all while preserving its historic status
    • 220,000 sq. ft. office space, 32,000 sq. ft. retail space, an 8,000+ sq. ft. atrium and underground parking
    • Central atrium serves as a performance and gathering space for the community
    • Sustainable features include the reuse of the building's original structural timbers, an underfloor air distribution system, operable windows and energy-efficient lighting
    • Earned the 2000 BEST Business Award for energy efficiency
    • Served as a catalyst for redevelopment of other historic buildings in Portland’s Pearl District
    • Listed on both the National and State Historical Register